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Looking at this week’s off-grid news, it really seems a case of one step forward, one step back in improving off-grid energy access. There are several positive reports on the potential for renewable energy in India, agreement in East Africa on the need for an integrated roadmap, new initiatives the length of the continent from Egypt to Malawi, and reports of continuing switches to renewables in the U.S. However, these are balanced by the stark warning from the new head of the Rockefeller Foundation of the impact of potential U.S. aid cuts on energy access, continuing issues in India over rural electrification results, potential ETS dodging in China, and off-grid regulatory battles in the last place you would expect them: New Zealand. At least the recent solar eclipse didn’t bring the disaster anti-solar lobbyists were predicting!

This past week, Smart Villages had the opportunity to participate in the Thailand National Science and Technology Fair 2017, is the country’s largest fair of its sort. Thousands of school children, families, and adults from across the country flock to the fair every year to learn more about science and technology. Smart Villages worked alongside the National Science Museum (NSM), Global Young Academy, and NSTDA to share hands-on knowledge of renewable energy and off-grid villages with visitors to the exhibition. We also featured the winning photographs from the Smart Villages Photo Competition.

We’d like to say a special thanks to Orakanoke Phanrakra (NSTDA / GYA) for all her help. We would also like say a special thanks to Thames and Kosmos for kindly donating the wind, solar, and hydro power learning kits!

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
Call For India To Lead In Solar Waste Management
Growing population and a rapidly rising demand for electricity in both rural and urban areas, and across sectors, has put an extreme pressure on the ecology. With one of the lowest per-capita electricity consumption and one of the largest solar generation targets, India is paving the way forward to bring sustainable and clean electricity to millions. […]

Financial Express (21.08.17)Rockefeller Chief Warns Of Energy Access Disaster From US Aid Cuts
London — With aid at risk around the world, new coalitions need to help drive large-scale action on hunger, poverty and energy access, Rockefeller chief says Aid to help developing countries fight poverty, hunger, disease and climate change is likely to fall 50 to 70 percent under proposed U.S. budget cuts, a “disaster” for the world’s poor, the president of The Rockefeller Foundation has warned. […]

Laurie Goering – AllAfrica (17.08.17)

Green Energy Development And Its Influence On Quality Of Life On Agenda At Expo 2017
The 9th Conference of the Future Energy Forum, devoted to the topic of “Renewable Energy and Quality of Life”, was held on August 14-15. The event was held as part of the business program of the International Specialized Exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. […]

Markets Insider (21.08.17)

New IRENA Remap Paper On India Pinpoints Huge Renewable Energy Potential
Renewable energy can provide a quarter of India’s power needs by 2030, according to a new report. A study released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) today lays out what the country needs to do to achieve that target. The Renewable energy prospects for India paper pinpoints solar, wind and hydropower as areas of significant potential and says investment in renewable generation will have to double if the country’s clean energy potential is to be realised. […]

innovatorsMagazine (22.08.17)

Unlocking The $100 Billion Needed For India’s Solar Target
Momentum is building as India moves towards meeting its clean energy targets. Recognizing the tremendous growth potential and opportunity to overhaul India’s energy sector, the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy convened policymakers, investors and key clean energy stakeholders at the World Renewable Energy Technology Congress in New Delhi this week to focus on accelerating the market and achieving India’s goals of installing 175 gigawatts (GW) of renewable power by 2022. […]

Nehmat Kaur Anjali Jaiswal – NRDC (21.08.17)


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ERBD Aims To Increase Egypt’s Renewable Energy Sector
Conor Ryan – PV-Tech (22.08.17)Scots Lead Malawi Solar Mini-Grid Drive
Nyasa Times (18.08.17)

USTDA Funds New Zambian Wind Power Feasibility Study
Fran Roberts – AfricanBusiness Review (18.08.17)

South Africa Looks To Exploit Natural Gas
AllAfrica (21.08.17)

Need For East African Energy Integration Roadmap Agreed
AllAfrica (20.08.17)

Concern That Big-Emitting Off-Grid Power Plants Could Escape China ETS 
Carbon pulse (21.08.17)

$800 Million Project To Cover Africa With Solar-Powered Telecomms Towers
Anna Hirtenstein – Bloomberg (21.08.17)


Solar Eclipse Tests US Grid And Renewables Role
UsNews (19.08.17)Open-Access Clean Energy Test-Bed Opens At Washington University
NewsWire (18.08.17)

New $4 Million Canadian Fund For Clean Energy Use Targets Job Creation
TheGuardian (18.08.17)

US Rural Co-Ops Shifting To Cleaner Energy Mix
Herman K. Trabish – UtilityDive (21.08.17)

Science & Technology

Benefits Of Pumped Hydro Storage
JaneTribune – ArenaWire (22.08.17)Italian Off-Grid Box Supplies Enough Water And Energy For 300-Strong Village
Derek Markham – CleanTechnica (17.08.17)

Vehicle-To-Grid Research Advances
Steve Hanley – CleanTechnica (18.08.17)

Rise Of Geothermal Importance In East Africa
Alexander Richter – ThinkGeoenergy (22.08.17)


Will Coal Remain The Mainstray Of India’s Energy Mix?
Pradeep Kaimal – ibTimes (18.08.17)Pondering The Woes Of India’s Rural Electrification Drive
Samarth Bansal – Hindustan Times (19.08.17)

Tamil Nadu Electricity Company Sets Up Network Of Energy Efficiency Kiosks
TimesOfIndia (20.08.17)

Off-Grid Home Development Stifled By Regulations In New Zealand
DILEEPA FONSEKA – Stuff (21.08.17)

Rural Off-Gird LPG Subsidies Launched In Pakistan To Avoid Deforestation
AKHTAR ALI – Tribune (21.08.17)

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