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Increased resilience for communities has been one of the key dividends of off-grid energy we have confirmed during the first phase of the Smart Villages Initiative. Our workshops in Nepal, Philippines and the Dominican Republic discussed how solar, wind and hydro power can quickly help recovery programs, not just when the grid goes down, but also if diesel supplies are interrupted. In this terrible week, with floods and hurricanes devastating the southern US, Bangladesh and as I write the Caribbean and potentially Florida, hopefully, the latest off-grid technology advances can help communities in their hour of need.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
Efficient PPAs Key To Hybrid Micro-Grid Development Says New Study
In terms of micro-grids, key to reducing diesel consumption by renewables are efficient PPAs, finds consultancy THEnergy, noting that the complexity of these contracts is much greater than in the case of grid-connected photovoltaic systems. […]

MARIJA DJORDJEVIC – PV-Magazine (30.08.17)Energy At The Heart Of Civilisation Believes We Mean Business CEO Topping
“It’s a huge topic, from a moral topic, to political scale, where does the transition in the energy economy for mean geopolitics,” said Nigel Topping, CEO of We Mean Business Coalition at the ‘3rd Business and Climate Summit 2017’.“Energy is at the heart of the civilization. It dictates the distribution of resources”, he said, adding that “it’s also a security issue, it dictates many of the conflicts of the world today.” […]

Anurit Kanti – Businessworld (01.09.17)

Little Sun Diamond Raises The Bar In Solar Lamp Design
There are 1.1 billion people living without access to the electrical grid, leaving their basic needs unfulfilled — clean light and energy are necessary to human existence and community life. internationally-renowned artist olafur eliasson and solar engineer frederik ottesen launched the little sun project back in 2012 in hopes of redefining that reality, with a mission of bringing solar light to nations with limited resources. […]

nina azzarello – DesignBoom (01.09.17)

Smart Villages Centre Opened At KLU In India
Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu stated that the AP government was promoting innovation centres to turn Amaravati into a research hub. He was speaking at the open innovation hackathon building on Smart Villages at KL University in Guntur district on Thursday. […]

DeccanChronicle (01.09.17)

Women’s Network For Energy And Environment Formed In Nepal
Women’s Network for Energy and Environment (WoNEE) has been formed here today at the national level with the objective of exerting pressure for ensuring women’s participation through inclusive and participatory development and management of the energy sector. […]

MyRepublica (03.09.17)


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Bakula Power Pioneers Waste-Fed Mini-Grids In Uganda
Oluwabusayomi Sotunde – HowWeMadeItInAfrica (02.09.17)Arensis Buys Scottish Wood Pellet Plant
Bioenergy-news (31.08.17)

African Mobile Start-Ups Can Apply For UK Development Funding
MICHAEL FUHS – PV-Magazine (30.08.17)

Report Shows Nigeria Spending Shocking $14 B On Off-Grid Diesel Generation
Punchng (03.09.17)

Kenya Dubbed The World’s Micro-Grid Lab
Andrew Burger – MicroGridKnowledge (04.09.17)


Harvey Shows Need For Distributed Energy Note Commentators
Jeff St. John – GreenTechMedia (01.09.17)Maine Island Goes Off-Grid
Tory Ryden – WLBZ2 (30.09.17)Duke Calls For Rate Increase To Fund Switch To Smarter Energy
RiverCityNews (02.09.17)US Electric Cooperative Wins Solar-Storage-Plus Project In Liberia
Andy Colthorpe – EnergyStorage (04.09.17)

Science & Technology

New Off-Grid Box Solution From Italy
juliana neira – DesignBoom (30.08.17)Acer Unveils New Off-Grid Computer Range
GSMArena (30.08.17)

Solar-Powered Hydrogen Production Now Feasible Claims NEL CEO 
MICHAEL FUHS – PV-Magazine (30.08.17)

Guide To DIY Solar Battery Banks
SARA MATASCI. – EnergySage (31.08.17)

Latest Solar Energy Charge Market Survey Published

Solar-Wind Powered Lamp Posts Developed By Irish Firm Airsynergy
Jonny Bairstow – EnergyLiveNews (04.09.17)


GGGI Calls For PV Proposals In Indonesia
PV-Magazine (01.09.17)Rethinking Hydropower In Myanmar
Michael Spolum – MyanmarTimes (30.08.17)Solar Best Option For Assam Says Governor
IndiaToday (30.08.17)Off-Grid Cost For Others Row Brews In Australia
Stephanie Anderson – Abc (30.08.17)

Philippine Rural Electric Cooperatives Urged To Explore Micro-Grids
Teresa D. Ellera – Sunstar (31.08.17)

Solar Lighting Up Cambodia’s Villages
Chea Vannak – KhmerTimes (01.09.17)

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