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Recent news is very much dominated by the latest announcements and commitments to energy access in India, and discussions of how realistic achievement of that ambition will be. And of course, we continue to see the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as viewed through a decentralised energy lens. There can be no doubt of the value of off-grid solutions in giving communities resilience in the face of natural disasters, as well as in rapidly addressing post-disaster recovery, and a number of news items this week relate to this subject.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
Rachel Kyte: Let’s See Financing Energy Access As An Opportunity, Not A Challenge
At the heart of efforts to slow climate change and build a more sustainable development future lies the often overlooked and shameful fact that, today, 1 billion people live without access to electricity and 3 billion without access to clean cooking. The challenge for those governments where there are significant energy gaps is a complex one: how to produce cleaner, affordable energy for far more people, far more quickly. […]

Rachel Kyte – Sun-Connect (26.09.17)Will There Be Light On December 31, 2018?
There is a lot of excitement over the launch of ‘Saubhagya’, the programme to electrify all households by end 2018, as announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the end of the BJP national executive meet. The prime minister announcing a clear target for universal household electrification demonstrates political commitment at the highest level – an essential condition for making things move at the ground level. […]

Sree Kumar and Shantanu Dixit – TheWire (27.09.17)

Technical report

Electrification of health clinics in rural areas
Smart Villages

Technical report

Education and the electrification of rural schools
Smart Villages

Technical report

Rural Electrification and Democratic Engagement
Smart Villages

Webinars – Watch on Demand!

Latest webinar: Perspectives on Energy Justice
Smart Villages


Driving Digital Literacy In Rural Rwanda
Julius Bizimungu – TheNewTimes (30.09.17)

SNV Urges Ghana To Pay Attention To Household Air Pollution
Iddi Yire – Ghana News Agency (01.10.17)

Tigo Rwanda Unveils First SMART Village In Rulindo
RwandaEye (29.09.17)

BOAD Funds 22 Mw Of Solar In Guinea Bissau
Emilliano Bellini – PV-Magazine (29.09.17)

Nigerian Government To Provide Solar Power To Kano Market
SundiataPost (28.09.17)

Climate Science: Getting African Researchers Involved
Godefroy Chabi – SciDev (27.09.17)


Sonnen Pledges To Build Microgrids In Puerto Rico
Peter Maloney – UttilityDive (02.10.17)

Acciona “Centros Luz En Casa” Featured In Global Compact Yearbook

Puerto Rico’s Agony Makes The Case For Climate-Resilience Investing
David Bank – ImpactAlpha (02.10.17)

The Promise & Perils Of Renewable Energy & Microgrids For Puerto Rico
Steve Hanley – CleanTechnica (30.09.17)

SDGs and Global Development

Most Countries Lagging On Health SDGs
Neena Bhandari – SciDev (25.09.17)ODI Report: Global Development Trends And Challenges: How Can Aid Agencies Deliver?
Homi Kharas and Andrew Rogerson – OdiDeloitte Report On SDG #7: Ensure Access To Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable And Modern Energy
Jennifer Muller – Deloitte (29.09.17)

Shell Springboard To Award £350,000 To The Most Innovative Low-Carbon Enterprises
Business/matter (29.09.17)

Science & Technology

Eliminating Environmental Toll Of Global Battery Supply Chain
SustainableBrands (02.10.17)

Water Evaporation Has Potential As A Renewable Energy Source
Nature (26.09.17)

What Smart Meters Tell Us About Rural Microgrid Use In Emerging Markets
Sun Connect (25.09.17)

Off-Grid Remote Communities To Get Energy From Tidal Device
Charlie Taylor – IrishTimes (02.10.17)

Battery Startup Brill Power Wins New Energy Challenge
Karel Beckman – TheEnergyCollective (29.09.17)

Military Sees A Bright Future For Solar And Energy Storage
Travis Hoium – TheMotleyFool (02.10.17)

Researchers Seek Cheaper, Energy-Efficient Ways Of Producing Clean Water
Elizabeth Lee – VoaNews (29.09.17)


Saubhagya Scheme May Provide Base For India’s Energy Shift
Utpal Bhaskar – LiveMint (02.10.17)Rural India Struggles To Get 100% Electrification
Navtan Kumar – SundayGuardianLive (30.09.17)2.36 Million Philippine Households Without Electricity: Study
Xinhua – XinhuaNet (29.09.17)

No Free Electricity Under India’s ‘Power For All’ Scheme
Bhanvi Arora – Bloomberg (28.09.17)

Lessons From Natural Disasters Spur New Microgrids In Japan
Andrew Burger – MicroGridKnowledge (26.09.17)

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