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Two things have caught our interest this edition. The first is the importance of local championship of energy access and rural development issues. So often we focus on reports, technical developments and calls to action which emanate from donor countries. But for real change and sustainability, leadership needs to be local. This was one reason why we at Smart Villages have worked with and learned from local media and NGOs around the world over the last three years. Our top stories this week are from newspapers and NGOs reporting on activities in their own countries in their own words and addressing local priorities, and demonstrating graphically the power of decentralised off-grid energy solutions to impact community development and resilience in the face of natural disasters.

The second is two articles we share below in our “Americas” section. Both of them concern rural development and sustainability issues in the United States of America, and demonstrate both the need and value of looking beyond just Smart Cities to the sustainability and empowerment of rural communities. The conclusions drawn are even more important to rural communities in the developing world.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
How Solar Energy Is Helping Brighten Childbirth In Rural Zimbabwe
Juliet Chasamuka, 34, was six months pregnant when I met her in the Gutu district of Masvingo, a rural community 300 kilometres south of Harare, Zimbabwe. The now mother of five has had many different experiences when giving birth. […]

Sally Nyakanyanga – Discoursemedia (26.09.17)How Solar Power Is Positively Lighting Life In Rural Tanzania
As the time was approaching 7pm, the bulb light enables Telesia to prepare dinner for her family. There is no electricity from the national grid in this village of Namikango A in Nachingwea District but in every three out four houses there is one or more bulbs lighting the houses both inside and outside. […]

Nuzulack Dausen – TheCitizen (10.09.17)

Kopernik Continues Its Support To The 138,000 People Evacuated During The Mount Agung Response.
The Mount Agung Emergency Response is a joint community effort coordinated by Kopernik, IDEP, Bumi Sehat, Rio Helmi, Rucina Ballinger, Bali ZEN and the Green School parents to respond to the urgent and evolving needs of people who have been evacuated due to Mount Agung’s increased volcanic activity. […]

Vanesha Manuturi – Kopernik (29.09.17)


Workshop report

Energy policy-finance nexus in Nicaragua
Smart Villages

The Smart Villages Initiative

Findings 2014-2017
Smart Villages

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Latest webinar: Perspectives on Energy Justice
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Tanzania’s Mini-Grids And The Pitfalls And Potential Of The Pan-Africa Microgrid Market
Andrew Burger – MicrogridKnowledge (11.10.17)Uganda Requires $287M For Rural Electrification Projects
Esi-Africa (17.10.17)Ghana: Stakeholders Evaluate Renewable Energy Efforts
Ernest Kissiedu – AllAfrica (16.10.17)

Calls For Public Institutions To Invest In Biogas Digesters
Bulawayop (14.10.17)

Akon Launches Rural Electrification Programme In Mozambique
JournalDuCameroun (13.10.17)

Solar Power For Relief Efforts In Syria


Remote Community In Guyana To Be Powered By Solar Energy
Denis Chabrol – Demerarawaves (18.10.17)In Pursuit Of Sustainable Communities: Survey Finds That Indigenous Participation Is Driving Clean Energy Growth In Canada
McCarthy Tétrault LLP – Lexology (16.10.17)Reversing Rural Flight Takes A Village
Jennifer M. Latzke – Hpj (16.10.17)

Why Save Small Towns?
Leah Todd – Nmpolitics (16.10.17)

SDGs and Global Development

Practical Action Launch 2017 PPEO Energy Access Finance Report
Practical Action (11.10.17)UNFCCC “Shines A Light” On Climate Projects Focused On Women, ICTs And Finance
Leila Mead – SDG (03.10.17)Energy News: Partnerships And Tools On Clean Energy Aim To Contribute To Multiple SDGs
SDG (03.10.17)

Rethinking The Cost Of Off-Grid Power: Let’s Do The Math
Andrew M. Herscowitz – Sun-connect

Science & Technology

#Entrepreneurmonth: Hero In A Half Shell, Solarturtle
Sindy PETERS – BizCommunity (16.10.17)Solar Taps Into Massive Rural Electrification Market
Jason Deign – SolarPlaza (11.10.17)Practical Action Launch 2017 Ppeo Energy Access Finance Report
Practical Action

Rethinking The Cost Of Off-Grid Power: Let’s Do The Math
Andrew M. Herscowitz – Sun-Connect (11.10.17)

Tidal Prototype Outputs ‘Beyond International Industry Standards’
MaritimeJournal (11.10.17)

How Professors At IITs Are Improving India’s Solar Power Efficiencies
Hari Pulakkat – TheEconomicTimes (05.10.17)


Mind The Hype: Despite Huge Potential, Solar Energy In SE Asia Is Behind A Cloud
Robin Hicks – Eco-Business (03.10.17)Pre COP23: Iniative To Bring Renewable Energy To Fiji’s Rural Areas
Fijitimes (17.10.17)Pakistan Gets ‘Pay As You Go’ Solar Investment To Help Millions Living Off-Grid
Alan Shields – EnergyVoice (16.10.17)

Electricity After 30 Years For Elte, Pinambi Of Hagen Central In Papua New Guinea
EM-TV (16.10.17)

No More ‘Sick’ Projects In Sarawak
Ismail Sabri – TheBorneoPost (17.10.17)

As The Centre Weans India Off Kerosene Subsidies, How Should States Respond?
Shuruti SHARMA – TheWire (16.10.17)

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