Smart Villages Off-grid Energy Impact Challenge

Wednesday November 11th, 2015 - Kristin Polman

At last year’s Delhi Sustainable Development Summit there was a conflict of opinion.  Some stakeholders insisted there were plenty of successful off-grid energy programmes catalysing development all over India, while others said there were too many small scale pilots that would never be sustainable in the long run.  This differing of opinions is why we chose to launch the Smart Villages Off-Grid Energy Impact competition, to find the best examples where energy access is having the biggest impact on social and economic development for rural communities.

Through this competition, the Smart Villages Initiative wants to champion successful approaches to providing village level energy in order to help existing entrepreneurs scale and to inspire more entrepreneurs to start off-grid energy businesses in India.

The winning case study will be announced on the main stage at the World Sustainable Development Forum in February 2016 and will receive a INR 10 lakh cash award, business support from the Entrepreneurial Development Institute of India and the opportunity for additional investment from Gujarat Venture Finance Limited.

The Smart Villages Initiative believes that energy access holds the key to enabling economic and social development in rural villages. Help us demonstrate how this is already happening by telling us about how your off-grid energy business is impacting the lives of the people you serve.

For more info on the competition and to enter, visit