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A micro-hydro project up Ghost Creek

Project co-leader Bernie Jones describes a trip up Ghost Creek to find a village saved from the spectre of and expensive and unreliable power source. This week I have been in Kuching – the capital of the Malaysian state of Sarawak. I had been meeting our partners Akademi Sains Malaysia and the University of Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) to discuss …

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Smart Villages joined by TWCF

Three years of complementary funding from the Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) has just been confirmed by Smart Villages. The funding will help Smart Villages continue to explore technical, entrepreneurial and policy solutions for providing sustainable energy for development in off-grid rural communities. The project will now travel to Africa, Asia and Latin America to talk to …

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Reflections on our Arusha workshop, by Sir Brian Heap

maasai village bicycle tanzania

Warmest thanks to everyone who participated in this initial Smart Villages workshop, to our Swedish colleagues who have been such great partners in this endeavour, and to the Tanzania Academy of Sciences which has taken a strong interest along with the Kenya Academy of Sciences. We will have taken away different memories but one of …

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Highlights – Day 2 of Arusha Smart Villages Workshop

barber shop in Tanzanian village

On Day 2 of the Smart Villages Arusha Workshop, the core focus in the first session was energy uses in rural villages.  This session began with a fascinating presentation by Simon Bartlett of Coca-Cola, who described their concept for an ‘EKOCENTER’ which would help a female entrepreneur bring clean water, electricity, connectivity and other services to …

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Highlights – Day 1 of Arusha Smart Villages workshop

Tanzania village entrepreneur welding

The first day of the Smart Village Workshop in Tanzania (3 June 2014) gathered experts from science, the private sector, government, NGOs and policymakers to discuss off-grid village energy in East Africa. The workshop launched with a speech from Mr Lutengano Mwakahesya of the Tanzania Rural Energy Agency, who highlighted Tanzania’s aim to become a middle-income country by …

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Off-grid Village Energy Workshop – Arusha, Tanzania 2-5 June 2014

From 2-5 June 2014, the Smart Villages initiative will hold its First Workshop on Off-grid Village Energy in Arusha, Tanzania. The workshop in Arusha will explore the East African/Tanzanian environment for village energy, local case studies, challenges and opportunities, with a view to formulating policy recommendations for policymakers, funders, NGOs and other stakeholders the region. An important …

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What is the Smart Villages initiative?

The Malaysian Commonwealth Studies Centre at Cambridge (MCSC), Cambridge Malaysian Education and Development Trust (CMEDT) and the European Academies Science Advisory Council (www.easac.eu) are undertaking a study of sustainable energy for villages ‘off-grid’ in Africa, Asia and Latin America called “Smart Villages.” The concept of the ‘smart village’ is that energy access acts as a catalyst for development – …

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New technologies for off-grid villages?

Primary school children in class, in Harar, Ethiopia.

The Smart Villages initiative held a workshop in Cambridge, UK, on 15 January 2014 to bring together leading UK researchers to discuss emerging technologies for the sustainable production and use of energy in rural communities in developing countries, and to take a ‘look ahead’ at scientific developments and technologies that might be influential over the …

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New report: Trade crucial to off-grid energy in developing countries

What effect does trade policy have on sustainable energy in developing countries?   Madhavan Nampoothiri and Hari Manoharan argue that trade policy has a substantial impact on developing countries’ ability to access “sustainable energy goods”, such as solar panels, solar lanterns and other useful equipment for off-grid villages in their recent report, International Trade and Access to Sustainable Energy: …

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