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Tele-Health System Design Priorities

As part of InnovateUK funded project: ‘Innovative Off-Grid Access to Healthcare’. research was carried out into the healthcare system in Tanzania, and more specifically for rural communities around Terat, Tanzania, where our partner organisation is based (See the Community Remote Healthcare Priorities Report). The findings confirmed that there is a need for improved access to …

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Community Remote Healthcare Background and Priorities Report – Simanjiro, Tanzania

This report outlines the health needs and priorities of remote Maasai communities in Northern Tanzania, specifically in the Simanjiro region where our project partners, OMASI are based. The research was done as part of an Innovate Funded Project, exploring how video consultations and batched medicine delivery could help provide quality access to healthcare for remote, …

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Innovative Access to Healthcare for Impact in Remote Communities

Doctor and Nurse using tele-health system

STI4D, a sister company to SVRG, is carrying this project out jointly with our NGO partners in Tanzania, Orkonerei Maasai Social Initiatives (OMASI). This project is funded by InnovateUK, the UK’s Innovation Agency. Access to good healthcare is often challenging in the developing world, but this is greatly compounded for people living in remote off-grid …

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Scaling up distributed renewable energy for healthcare in India

[:en] This month, Smart Villages and LCEDN are partnering with Power for All to bring you a webinar about the nexus between universal healthcare (SDG3) and universal electricity access (SDG7). As a follow up to our February webinar, “Healthy villages are smart villages”, we’ll ask – how does distributed renewable energy help to make villages …

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