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Webinar: Off-grid but online – ICT in the last mile

ICT is clearly a game changer both for on-grid and off-grid areas of the world. With smartphones, people in remote, “last mile” areas are increasingly gaining access to the internet and gaining access to information, social media, entertainment, and communication with far-flung family and friends. But mobile phones aren’t the only way that ICT is …

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TR13: Education and the electrification of rural schools

The Smart Villages Initiative aims to provide policy-makers, donors, and development agencies concerned with rural energy access with new insights on the real barriers to energy access in villages in developing countries and how they can be overcome. This report aims to give an overview of the links between electricity access and education through a review of the literature in this area. It …

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TR10: Indigenous communities, ICT and rural development

The vast majority of the rural development literature focuses on relatively homogenous ethnolinguistic communities based in periurban and middle-rural areas. This literature has borne much fruit and there is now a general consensus among academics, practitioners and policy makers on the broad parameters of what is required to catalyse rural development in these areas, though …

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Children in rural Ghana empowered by access to information, IT skills

Interview with Josephine Marie Godwyll Founder and National Coordinator at Young at Heart Ghana Location: Ghana “The missing link most of the time is information”. Rural communities have a tremendous amount to gain from access to information. The internet offers potential solutions to many of the problems that make rural life difficult, but these are …

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Energy and ICT for educational inclusion in Latin America

Although Latin America has experienced a successful decade of reduction in poverty and inequality, it continues to be the most unequal region in the world1. The persistence of high levels of social injustice is not accidental: its profound structural causes are rooted in unfair political, economic and social institutional frameworks, which have been shaped throughout …

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Mobile phones increase farmer resilience

A recent article from Uganda reveals that one of the biggest questions facing rural communities around the world is how to build resilience to the increased uncertainty brought about by climate change. Small-scale agriculture is so often based on an unparalleled understanding of the seasons that has been honed over decades through an intimate relationship …

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