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Segun Adaju, Consistent Energy Limited – solar entrepreneur

[:en]  Segun Adaju, CEO at Consistent Energy Limited “I think Nigeria has the biggest market for this kind of business in all of Sub-Saharan Africa.”   To get a sense of Nigeria’s problems in the energy sector, it helps to know that more 60 million people in the country have their own gas-powered generators. In …

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Unlocking rural electricity with a text message in Nigeria

Interview with Nir Marom Co-founder, Lumos Global Location: Israel “Time is the most expensive resource for an entrepreneur” On the same day that Nir Marom’s company won a tender—he spent about seven years working in on-grid solar energy—he came across an article about people living off kerosene or candles, spending 50 cents a day. “I …

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Women’s entrepreneurship: Ending energy poverty

Interview with Simbo Sojinrin Solar Sister Nigeria Country Manager Location: Nigeria “f you look at what constitutes energy poverty and how it affects society, you see women are far more affected by it”. Solar is one abundant source of energy that offers a bright future for African communities. Another is the abundant energy of empowered …

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In Nigeria, biogas offers agricultural communities energy

Interview with Fatima Oyiza Ademoh Project Manager, Ajima Farms and General Enterprises Nigeria Ltd Location: Nigeria “Biogas can power homes and communities”. “I have always wanted to reduce the numbers of people living in energy poverty”, says Fatima Ademoh. Her first off-grid project, connecting the village of Rije, Nigeria to a biogas generator, will be …

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In Nigeria, a young entrepreneur sees mini-grids as rural energy’s future

Interview with Ifeanyi B. Orajaka Managing Director / CEO Green Village Electricity Projects Ltd. Location: Nigeria “When everything else crumbles, it’s your integrity that will be able to pull you up again” Ifeanyi B. Orajaka holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical / Electronics Engineering from the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria. He has vast experience …

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