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Smart Rural Development: the SDGs and the New European Consensus on Development

Agenda: Smart Rural Development The Smart Villages Initiative and the European Academies’ Science Advisory Council (EASAC) held a one-day event on 19th June 2017 at the Leopold Hotel, Brussels, focusing on “Smart Rural Development: the SDGs and the New European Consensus on Development.” The New European Consensus on Development was proposed in November 2016 and …

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TR15: Can Smart Villages help to stem biodiversity loss?

Biodiversity is important at various levels, including the economic, social and environmental. It is critically important for rural communities through the provision of ecosystem services, including energy access, a link that is often overlooked. The concept of ‘Smart Villages’ is that modern energy access in the form of sustainable renewable energy can contribute as a catalyst for development—education, health, food security, environment, productive …

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TR13: Education and the electrification of rural schools

The Smart Villages Initiative aims to provide policy-makers, donors, and development agencies concerned with rural energy access with new insights on the real barriers to energy access in villages in developing countries and how they can be overcome. This report aims to give an overview of the links between electricity access and education through a review of the literature in this area. It …

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WR30: Smart Villages in Haiti – Report from Haiti’s Energy Week

In Haiti and other islands in the Caribbean, the need is not just for energy access. Communities and villages need to be more resilient to natural disasters and other socioeconomic shocks such as internal conflict, fuel price fluctuations etc. Off-grid energy and innovative use of energy to provide decentralized services such as healthcare and education …

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WR23: South America Dialogue for media professionals

A major objective of the Smart Villages Initiative is to raise public awareness of rural energy  access issues, sustainable energy technologies, and entrepreneurial approaches to energy in the developing world. In line with this objective, the Smart Villages Initiative, in partnership with the Green Building Council of Paraguay, held an international media dialogue for media professionals in Asuncion, Paraguay, …

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TR6: Rubagabaga Mini-Hydro Public-Private-Community Partnership Project – Baseline data analysis

The Smart Villages Initiative is undertaking a set of rigorous impact evaluations to understand the relationship between modern energy access, its productive use, and rural development outcomes. Through building an evidence-base, the Smart Villages Initiative will help stimulate the investment of public and private sector resources in off-grid energy and rural development and ensure that …

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[:en]BR9: Enabling frameworks for deploying micro-grids: Lessons from Pakistan[:es]BR9: Marcos favorables para la implementación de micro-redes: Lecciones de Pakistán[:fr]BR9: Favoriser les cadres de déploiement des micro-réseaux : Leçons du Pakistan[:]

[:en]The Smart Villages Initiative, supported by the Rural Support Programmes Network, Pakistan organised a workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan on 6 October 2015 to consider Pakistan’s experience of developing enabling frameworks for the dissemination of micro-grids. This briefing note for policymakers and other stakeholders summarises key points emerging from the workshop.[:es]La Iniciativa Aldeas Inteligentes, con el …

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Opportunities in Bario made me want to come home to Malaysia

What questions does the typical fifteen-year-old city Malaysian ask? ‘Should I look for a job this school holiday?’ ‘What do I want to do in the future? Go into business or work for someone?’ ‘Should I pick the science or art stream for school next year?’ ‘Should I continue my tertiary education locally or overseas?’ …

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Energy for off-grid villages in Nepal and the role of mini-grids

Nepal’s energy situation reflects its challenging terrain (over 75% mountainous) and very low income levels (UNDP, 2013). About 25% of Nepal’s 26.5 million people live below the poverty line, which varies by region but averaged 19,261 NPR per year (or about USD 0.75 per day) in FY 2010/2011 (Central Bureau of Satistics, 2012). The nation …

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