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Solar-powered Milling Machine Evaluation

This report describes the results of tests conducted to assess the viability of an electric 3-phase 2.2kW Agsol hammer mill, imported from Kenya, for use in rural Maasai communities in Simanjiro, Tanzania. The objectives of the tests were to assess the viability of powering the mill from offgrid (solar) energy technology, and (for different mill …

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The Smart Villages Initiative: Findings 2014-2017

In the Smart Villages concept, the provision of sustainable energy services to rural communities, in turn enabling the connectivity made possible by modern information and communication technologies, can have a catalytic impact on the lives of villagers when appropriately integrated with other rural development initiatives. Smart villages provide many of the benefits of 21st Century …

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Smart Villages “Pocket Guide” to rural energy & development

We’re pleased to share with you the new Smart Villages “pocket guide” to rural energy and development! This pocket guide is intended as a quick reference to off-grid technologies, policies, and impacts – including stories of successful village energy projects from across the global south. For remote off-grid villages, local solutions are often both more …

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TR2: Electricity for off-grid villages – an overview

This ‘State of Play’ ‘technical report provides a review of the literature relating to the issues around provision of electricity to off-grid villages in 2015. It summarises key challenges associated with the provision of electricity to off-grid villages, and views set out in the literature on the opportunities and required framework conditions to address those …

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TR1: Smart Villages Scoping Study

This 2012 scoping study analyses aspects of contemporary work concerning village-level energy services in developing countries. African countries, particularly Ghana and Tanzania, and India are the primary geographical focus. The study also analyses social businesses and entrepreneurship in the area of sustainable off-grid energy provision. This study, carried out at the behest of the European …

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