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Martin Kariongi, in his own words

As we remember our friend, Martin Saning’o Kariongi, who passed away this week from coronavirus, we wanted to collect together some of the material that we, and others, have on the internet featuring Martin talking about his work.

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Martin Saning’o Kariongi – a life in brief

While looking through my notes this week hunting some site data for a community in Tanzania that we are working in jointly with our partners OMASI, I found – on the very first pages of my notebook – the notes from our first project meeting, where Martin gave us a little glimpse of his life …

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TR10: Indigenous communities, ICT and rural development

The vast majority of the rural development literature focuses on relatively homogenous ethnolinguistic communities based in periurban and middle-rural areas. This literature has borne much fruit and there is now a general consensus among academics, practitioners and policy makers on the broad parameters of what is required to catalyse rural development in these areas, though …

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Terrat, Tanzania: A “smart village”

In this village, you’ll learn about Terrat, a village in northern Tanzania. In an effort to help Maasai learn about their land rights, Martin Saning’o Kariongi sought to create a radio station. But to do this, he knew he had to find a sustainable and reliable source of energy to power it. As the work …

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East Africa community leaders’ dialogue workshop

The East Africa Masterclass at Terrat focused on the village level experience of off-grid energy. We have invited local leaders and rural energy providers from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Malawi and Tanzania. We were keen for village headmen and headwomen to share their village experiences of energy provision and to tell us about the outcomes …

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WR7: East African Community Leaders’ Dialogue Workshop Report

Amidst the stunning background of Terrat, a Masaai village in remote Northern Tanzania, members of the Smart Villages team spent the weekend of 22-23 August, 2015 engaged in an extremely productive dialogue event with representatives of village level energy initiatives from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda. The event was organised at a time when …

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