Terrat, Tanzania: A “smart village”

In this village, you’ll learn about Terrat, a village in northern Tanzania. In an effort to help Maasai learn about their land rights, Martin Saning’o Kariongi sought to create a radio station. But to do this, he knew he had to find a sustainable and reliable source of energy to power it. As the work to make Terrat a “smart village” continued, they have utilised biofuel from jatropha to power the village, including numerous small businesses, the radio station, and computers for education. The traditionally pastoralist Maasai have developed new markets for their award-winning dairy products, and energy helps them to produce their cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. Ensuring that Maasai women are benefiting from these energy developments and given leadership roles in these businesses has also been an important area of work for Terrat as a smart village.

Video by: Steve Martin Saning’o of Terrat, Tanzania

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