Webinar: Energy Access, Education and Young People


One of the most powerful benefits of energy access in rural communities in the developing world is the potential impact on education. Whether a simple solar lantern permits an extra hour of homework and study after dark, or whether a more sophisticated community energy and ICT project permits remote education and training to take place. And one of the most important, but often under-represented, groups of community stakeholders are young people.

This LCEDN/Smart Villages webinar aims to create a wide-ranging discussion on these issues, with experts presenting their experiences and work on diverse aspects of the energy/youth/education equation.

Our presenters this month include Dr Jiska de Groot and the team at the Energy Research Centre at the University of Cape Town, Craig Gibbs from JET Education Services in South Africa, Prof Jo Tacchi and Dr Amalia Sabiescu from Loughborough University, and Rachita Misra and Huda Jaffer from the SELCO Foundation.

In addition to presentations on their experiences, the webinar included an opportunity for Q&A with all webinar participants.

Click below to access speakers presentations.


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