Webinar: Minigrid Impact and Long-Term Sustainability of Energy Access


The number of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) systems, particularly for rural electrification, is growing globally and estimate suggest that 45% of the new connections needed to achieve universal electrification by 2030 will come from mini-girds. However to date a widely accepted and comprehensive methodology to assess the impact and long term sustainability of these solutions is still lacking.

In this webinar, we examined the importance of integrating M&E strategies as integral part of energy access initiatives, taking a practitioner, researcher and policy marker’s perspective. Ms Arianna Tozzi, researcher at Gram Oorja presented and discussed an analytical framework that was recently proposed to evaluate impact of DRE systems and identify the conditions in which interventions can be effectively replicated and scaled. Dr Aparna Katre of the University of Minnesota presented empirical results from 24 community-owned Solar Micro Grids implemented in India, providing insights on the sustainability of the analysed grids and challenges ahead. And Jeff Felten of the SE4ALL Africa Hub at the African Development Bank put this into a more global perspective, as well as presenting the M&E framework used by the African Development Bank with the minigrid projects it supports.

This webinar is particularly relevant to stakeholders, practitioners and policy makers around the world as it presents innovative approaches to monitor the progresses of energy access interventions, helping stakeholders at all levels to identify solutions that are impactful, sustainable and hence worth replicating on a larger scale.

Presenting Experts
– Ms Arianna Tozzi: Assessing the Sustainability of Decentralized Renewable Energy Systems: A Comprehensive Framework with Analytical Methods
– Dr Aparna Katre: Sustainability of Community-Owned Mini-Grids: Evidence from India.
– Mr Jeff Felten: Overview – AfDB/SE4ALL Hub M&E approach for minigrids

A paper of Dr Katre and Ms Tozzi’s work is published in the journal “Sustainability”, available by clicking here.

LCEDN, one of the organisers of this webinar series, has also published a briefing paper on local governance of minigrids, available here.[:]

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