India Off-grid Energy Impact Competition (CLOSED)


India Off-grid Energy Impact Competition 2016

The India Off-grid Energy Impact Competition took place in early 2016.  India has a vibrant community of competitive, motivated off-grid energy entrepreneurs.  This competition was designed to highlight examples where the off-grid energy they provide has acted as a catalyst for development in remote villages.

Companies from throughout India applied to the competition and Smart Villages invited Naturetech Infra (, Lytyfy ( and Gram Oorja (  to share the stage with us at the Lighting a Billion Lives convention in April 2016.

Naturetech was named the winner due to their achievements to date and potential for further impact in rural energy access.  By building microgrids in remote villages, Naturetech has brought light, internet and teachers to schools, it has enabled food processing and entrepreneurship, it has seen street lights bring safety where there was darkness.  Naturetech’s business model of combined CSR and sales revenue funding is both financially and environmentally sustainable and it has developed proprietary metering and anti-theft technologies that are both innovative and replicable.

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