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Kopernik Indonesia – solving last mile problems

[:en] Sergina Loncle, Communications Manager, Kopernik Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia “The supply chain in Indonesia is a real challenge” On one of Indonesia’s 18,000 islands, Adonara in East Nusa Tenggara, crops such as copra – dried coconut flesh – are sold raw and unprocessed. Copra is usually left strewn on the ground, to dry in …

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Village Infrastructure Angels: Village agriculture can be powered by solar energy

Interview with Stewart Craine Founder, Village Infrastructure Angels Location: Vanuatu, Indonesia, Honduras, Papua New Guinea “You have to be obsessed with access to sustainable energy to do this job”. Stewart Craine calls his work “an adventure”—an indication of the robust attitude he’s applied throughout his career as an energy access entrepreneur. Craine co-founded Barefoot Power, a …

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Islands and energy: challenges and opportunities

In this short video, you’ll hear from experts who aim to provide rural, remote islands with energy. From Tuvalu to Indonesia to Melanesia and beyond, islands face unique energy challenges. Some of these challenges include: challenging weather and turbulent seas, relying on rainwater for fresh drinking water, and remoteness. Many islands, if they are lucky, …

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WR11: Energy for Off-grid Island Communities

Electricity is a crucial part of the infrastructure needed to improve the quality of life for island communities in developing nations. This report summarises the information presented at, and conclusions arising from, the workshop on issues related to island electricity access held by the Smart Villages Initiative and Kopernik. The workshop took place on the …

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ASEAN Infographic

This infographic summarises the  requirement for and the challenges to energy access across the ASEAN region (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore , Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Vietnam). The ASEAN region is now the engine of the global economy. Its spectacular growth over the past two decades has lifted hundreds of millions of people out …

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