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Smart Villages News 147 – Never so relevant

Wednesday October 18th, 2017 - Smart Villages

    Letters to the editor We welcome submissions to this newsletter, including comment pieces from our readers. Join the conversation! Get in touch Dear Subscriber, Increased resilience for communities has been one of the key dividends of off-grid energy we have confirmed during the first phase of the Smart Villages Initiative. Our workshops in… […]

Profile: Jacqueline Pronet, SUJA – East Africa

Tuesday September 12th, 2017 - Smart Villages

Tell us a bit about yourself My name is Jacqueline Proneth.  I am a 24 year old woman from Tanzania studying for a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting at the University of Dar es Salaam.  Meanwhile, I am in the process of registering a business with my partner Suleiman Mzungu which involved charcoal briquettes. What… […]

Profile: Neema, Tacode -East Africa

- Smart Villages

What are you currently working on? For how long? Can you give a brief overview? Still working on it but up to right now there isn’t much progress – limited scope with UTT . Have recent undergone an exhibition in January at UDEC – worked on their prototype to refine their idea. Still in close… […]

Profile: James Ogingo, Chemolex – East Africa

- Smart Villages

James is an Industrial Chemistry graduate with entrepreneurship passion leaned towards renewable energy adoption among low income communities, energy management and environmental conservation He is an alumnus of Cambridge Development Initiative, a program sponsored by Smart Villages. He is also recognized as Smart Village Ambassador by IEE Smart Village. James is the Cofounder of Chemolex… […]

Profile: Clifford Okoth – Chemolex – East Africa

- Smart Villages

Brief biography Clifford is an entrepreneur, marketer and sales trainer in Kenya. Since graduating from the university, he has passionately worked at Chemolex Company where he is a co-founder. I have developed the start up from the ideation to the scale up phase where the company serves 400 households, 30 businesses and operates 5 solar… […]

Profile: Nelson Maleko – East Africa

Sunday September 10th, 2017 - Smart Villages

What is your off-grid energy business? My off grid energy business is to produce efficient stoves which will use briquettes and charcoal.   Can you give a brief overview? The stove will have an adjustable plate which allows accommodation of different pan size in order to increase efficiency. Other additional features on the stove is… […]

Profile: Lilian Alphonce – East Africa

Friday September 8th, 2017 - Smart Villages

What is your off-grid energy business? Our business dries food, such as fruit and vegetables, using solar energy, in order to preserve post-harvest food. Can you give a brief overview? The business mainly deals with drying product by using solar energy. We provide services to farmers and training to customers so as to make them… […]

Profile: Elifadhili Shaidi – East Africa

- Smart Villages

  What is your off-grid energy business? The business is the production of affordablle efficient stoves which uses less fuel to produce more heat. Can you give a brief overview? The problem we identified is that most stoves produced locally dissipate large amount of heat to the surrounding, does not focus the energy to the… […]

Greenlink: We’re building a company, we’re not rescuing Africa

Thursday August 31st, 2017 - Smart Villages

Maarten Strengers, Founder, Greenlink Location: De Bildt, Netherlands / Tanzania “We’re building a company, we’re not rescuing Africa.” As an electrical, mechanical and ICT engineer, Maarten Strengers flies to Africa when his technical know-how is needed; when there is a problem with installation capacity, or to advise on a solar community centre. “After a while… […]

Profile: Vishnu Raghunathan, Lytyfy – Winner, India

Sunday July 2nd, 2017 - Smart Villages

What is your off-grid energy business? Can you give a brief overview? How long have you been working on this business? Lytyfy addresses the twin issues of last mile service delivery of off grid products and end user financing. We believe that these are the two main factors that prevent adoption of off grid energy… […]