Cambridge Graduate Innovation Contest 2015


Cambridge University graduates in science, technology, engineering, humanities and social sciences were invited to apply for one of an initial 20 places at a New Year Forum on 12th January 2015, sponsored by the Malaysian Commonwealth Studies Centre, Smart Villages and the Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability.

The purpose of the Forum was to bring together graduates in Cambridge from different disciplines to help identify practical applications of research including promising innovations for effective and affordable solutions at the village level, novel ideas by which local entrepreneurship can serve to deliver solutions for societal change, and insights into the framework conditions required to bring about change in villages without access to electricity (off-grid).

After an introduction to the challenges and opportunities for energy provision to off-grid villages, small-group brainstorming sessions explored how these challenges could be addressed and opportunities realised. Ideas were pitched to a panel of international experts from Europe, Canada and India.

A Forum Reception and Dinner were held at Trinity College and information was provided about follow-up opportunities (eg links to potential mentors, bursaries, investors and businesses).

Six finalists were selected from applications received.

List of supported projects

Flickr album of event

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