From the bottom up: the role and place of community led approaches in national energy planning in West Africa

Date/s: 20/02/2017

The workshop is a one-day event and is held in collaboration with Practical Action West Africa. The objective of the workshop is to analyse the potential for community-based approaches to strengthen national energy planning processes in West Africa. This is important as despite increasing attention to energy access in the last five years, national energy planning is often still dominated by large-scale, top-down, centralised energy infrastructure developments. Even if there is an intention to deliver off-grid energy access at scale, uncertainty about what options will be the most appropriate still prevail.

The workshop will be participatory—we expect there to be around 70 people who will be: experts, representatives of government bodies, academics, donors in Togo, representatives from the private sector, project developers/practitioners and media representatives from Togo and the ECOWAS region.

The event will be held on 20 February 2017 at Hotel Sarakawa Lomé, Togo.