Webinar: Healthy villages are smart villages: Health, energy, and development

Healthy villages are smart villages – places where people can live healthy lives with longer lifespans, fewer childhood illnesses and deaths, and greater well-being.

In this webinar, we will think about the intersections of health and energy. Indoor air pollution remains one of the most deadly elements for many people in the developing world. We will hear about a new clinical trial that offers data and ideas about solutions. We’ll also learn about innovative refrigeration technologies for remote areas that need to keep vaccines and other vital life-saving tools cool. We’ll also hear about new ways to power health clinics and help women to give birth under safer conditions. We also plan to discuss other crucial issues, such as nutrition and clean water.


Joanna Kane-Potaka, ICRISAT
Kevin Mortimer, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Mike Rosenberg, Aleutia
Ian Tansley, Sure Chill

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