Profile: Dodji Agbezo, Project Production Solaire – Finalist, West Africa

Dodji AgbezoBrief biography

Dodji AGBEZO is the head of Projet Production Solaire Togo Company. He has two masters Degree. The first master in 2007 in Energy option at University of Lomé. Since training as renewable energy and energy efficiency engineer from International Institute of engineering of water and the environment (2IE), in Burkina Faso ( in 2010, he has specialized Master’s Degree in electrical engineering, energy and renewable energy (option energy efficiency and renewable energy,GEER). He has now ten years of professional experience working in energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy financing and CDM projects. During his career, he has worked with international development partners and sub-regional organizations such as ECOWAS, WAEMU, AFD, US DOE, UNEP, BothEnds, IRENA.  He has implemented many projects in rural electrification and the promotion of mini grids systems, such as the installation of solar home systems for 1 000 rural households and more than 100 solar water systems for villagers in Togo and West Africa. His multidisciplinary trainings coupled with the experiences he has had, are centered on environmental protection, energy efficiency (energy audits and improves stoves) and the preparation, building and operation of renewable energy mini grids systems (solar, micro hydro power, biogas, wind energy).  He has also knowledgeable on clean energy technologies, energy policy and energy planning for rural communities.

At the moment, He is working with Project Production Solaire Togo Company.  We are energy services company in sizing, supply, installation and commissioning of the solar kits and solar systems in rural areas. We are also specialized in Construction of wells and water tower and supply, installation and commissioning of solar pumping equipment service. Since 2014, our company is representing Lorentz GbmH from Germany which is leader in wolrd in solar pumps production. Our company revenue is stated in three level, such as:

  • Technical Assistance for donors and international institutions (ECOWAS, WAEMU, AFD, US DOE, UNEP, BothEnds, IRENA, UNICEF and public like Energy ministry): Studies and solar systems sizing, field visits and rural project projects advisement, technical assistance of projects implementation and finance in renewable energy and energy efficiency. All contrasts are tenders or offer applications that we have been accepted.
  • Supply and sales of solar systems: more than 1000 solar sets installed and water pumping systems. Recently in 2015, we started a new type of project with two villages that we sell potable water extracted from borehole wells equipped with pumps powered by high-quality photovoltaic cells. These pumps are produced by Lorentz in Germany. The solar generator has a nominal power of 3 to 4 kilowatt-peak per unit of installation. From its establishment in 2012, the firm has installed more than 100 water-pumping systems following successful.

What inspired you to start working in this area (solar technology)?  Are there any key people who inspired you to work in this area?

In order to achieve the SE4ALL objective of universal energy access by 2030, solar energy strategically is a great solution.  In Africa, we all know that rural populations are economically vulnerable because of their isolation to the national grids. This especially given the fact that most of these national grids are already overextended and many are facing financial difficulties.  At the same time, stand-alone solar electric systems are appropriate for rural households and businesses with modest energy needs.  When I finished my studies, I was struck each day about how many people are suffered for drink water and getting light in the nights. More than three thousand villages in Togo don’t get electricity and they cannot have in the next ten coming years. I was accepted to work in a company in BURKINA FASO but I decided to stay in Togo. For one vision: Try my best to give electricity and water for more people. There is the key reason which inspired me to work in this area. But when we start, there is not an easy way!

If you could share some wisdom with yourself 3 years ago, what would it be?  

Just trust your dream. As long as you know you are headed in the right direction, you will eventually get to the right place – even if you don’t know exactly where that is right now.

Where do you hope to be 3 years from now?

I hope I will be able to attend 1000 villages that get drink water and I trust it.

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