TR6: Rubagabaga Mini-Hydro Public-Private-Community Partnership Project – Baseline data analysis

The Smart Villages Initiative is undertaking a set of rigorous impact evaluations to understand the relationship between modern energy access, its productive use, and rural development outcomes. Through building an evidence-base, the Smart Villages Initiative will help stimulate the investment of public and private sector resources in off-grid energy and rural development and ensure that effective policies are put in place to achieve modern energy access for all and its associated development outcomes.

This technical report provides an analysis of baseline data collected in collaboration with Afritech Energy Ltd and Practical Action Consulting for the Rubagabaga Mini-Hydro
Public-Private-Community-Partnership (PPCP) Project in Western Province, Rwanda. Section 1 provides an overview of the evaluation philosophy. Section 1 and 2 describe the Rubagabaga Mini-Hydro PPCP project and the study site. Section 3 details the baseline data collection and analysis process. Section 4 presents the results of the baseline data analysis.

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