[:en]Smart Villages | New thinking for off-grid communities worldwide[:es]Una nueva manera de pensar para comunidades sin conexión a la red a nivel mundial Smart[:fr]De nouvelles initiatives pour les populations hors réseau du monde entier[:]

[:en]Smart Villages presents 16 essays by leading scientists and thinkers, providing policy makers, donors and development agencies concerned with rural energy access with new insights on the barriers to energy access in villages in developing countries – technological, financial and political – and explores opportunities and efforts to overcome them.

The book describes the personal opinions and experiences of experts.  It tackles the idea of energy as a catalyst for development – health, food security, the lives of women and girls, the democratic process, national regulatory and fiscal policies, and employment.  It reviews up-to-date research for promoting energy access in remote areas of the world.

They are for all who are concerned about the future of the bottom billion.

You can read the book in its entirety for free by clicking the link above. You can also view and download the chapters individually.

Hard copies are available on request.

They are for all who are concerned about the future of the bottom billion.

[:es]Aldeas Inteligentes presenta 16 ensayos escritos por destacados científicos y pensadores, que proporcionan a los encargados de formular políticas, los donantes y las agencias de desarrollo que se ocupan del acceso a la energía rural, nuevas perspectivas sobre las barreras para el acceso a la energía en las aldeas de los países en desarrollo – tecnológicas, financieras y políticas – y explora oportunidades e intentos por superarlas.[:fr]Villages intelligents présente 16 essais de scientifiques et penseurs renommés, pour donner aux décideurs politiques, aux bailleurs de fonds et aux agences de développement qui s’occupent de l’accès énergétique rural de nouvelles perspectives sur les obstacles à l’accès éner gétique dans les villages des pays en développement – d’ordre technologique, financier et politique – et explore les opportunités et les efforts pour surmonter ces obstacles.[:]

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