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WR28: Sustainable energy for rural development & climate resilience of off-grid communities in Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico

Although the energy situation in Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico is not uniform across all the countries in the region, many of them face some common issues and challenges. With some exceptions, nearly all countries in Central America and the Caribbean are net oil and fossil fuel importers, putting them in an uncertain position …

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Off-grid innovation already impacting rural development and climatic resilience across Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico; Pay as you go could accelerate uptake

PUNTA CANA: At an international workshop organised by the Smart Villages Initiative and the Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic there was unanimous agreement on the potential of renewable energy in its various forms—solar, wind, biomass and mini-hydro—to play a major role in both rural development and enhancing the climatic resilience of off-grid communities …

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