West Africa Off-grid Energy Challenge

West Africa Off-grid Energy Challenge 2017


The West Africa Off-grid Energy Challenge took place in early 2017.  Twenty-nine established off-grid energy companies applied to the competition by describing how they wanted to grow their existing off-grid energy businesses.

Over a period of four months, five finalist companies worked with consultant mentors through Cambridge Bridges for Enterprise (link to https://www.bridgesforenterprise.com/) to analyse and refine their businesses plans and strategy.

Congratulations to Nafa Naana  (link to http://www.nafa-naana.org/) for winning the competition!   Nafa Naana develops marketing and financial solutions to strengthen distribution channels for clean cookstoves, LPG6 and solar lights, while stimulating demand through intensive promotion and raising awareness campaigns.  Based in Burkina Faso, they hope to expand throughout West Africa.

Read about the West African entrepreneurs


Nafa Naana


Ajima Farms

Paygo Ventures

Project Production Solaire Togo

Sunlight Energy Ventures (Nigeria)

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