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Mawuli Tse, Solar Light Africa – solar entrepreneur

[:en] Mawuli Tse, Director, Solar Light Africa Location: Accra, Ghana “Good technology migrates by itself” In the early nineties, Mawuli Tse spent time in Cape Verde, as part of a group working to install 5,000 photovoltaic systems in homes on the archipelago. “They were so progressive,” he says. “My thought was, if Cape Verde was …

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Abdul-W. Raaj, Suka Energy West Africa – renewable energy entrepreneur

[:en] Abdul-W. Raaj, CEO, Suka Energy West Africa Location: Tamale, Ghana “People often ask me why we do everything – in, Africa there is no niche in solar energy” In Ghana in the eighties, around 40 schoolchildren in one class would burn kerosene lanterns, to be able to keep on studying after dark. Lanterns, some …

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PEG Ghana: Off-grid solar energy in Ghana

In this video, you’ll hear from Akua Adu of PEG. PEG is active primarily in Ghana and offers solar energy products, including solar home systems, to people in rural and urban areas. Adu notes that mobile money to pay for energy is not yet popular in Ghana, unlike in East Africa – but PEG is …

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When villages become education hubs: the work of the Akaa Project in Ghana

Two village students practice reading at the Akaa Project's school.

Interview with Lauren Grimanis Founder, The Akaa Project Location: Eastern Ghana / Boston, Massachusetts “I love the notion of bringing things back to the village”. When Lauren Grimanis first visited Ghana, she was a senior in high school. It was July 2007, and she was working on her college applications. She only stayed there for …

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Children in rural Ghana empowered by access to information, IT skills

Interview with Josephine Marie Godwyll Founder and National Coordinator at Young at Heart Ghana Location: Ghana “The missing link most of the time is information”. Rural communities have a tremendous amount to gain from access to information. The internet offers potential solutions to many of the problems that make rural life difficult, but these are …

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WR20: Smart Villages in West Africa

On average, 60% of the population across the 15 countries that comprise the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) is based in rural areas. Rural electrification rates in the region remain extremely low and estimates suggest that, for the region as a whole, only 19% of the rural population has access to electricity. Traditional …

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