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WR31: Sustainable energy resources for risk management and resilience of communities in Latin America and the Caribbean

[:en]Leading experts from across Latin America and the Caribbean were brought together for a work-shop in Quito, Ecuador, on 30 January 2017 to discuss the challenges and opportunities of building resilience to natural disasters of villages in the region, with a particular concern for the contribution of energy services. Key points made in the presentations …

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WR18: Smart Villages and resilience to natural disasters

This report summarises the findings of a workshop on Smart Villages and Resilience to Natural Disasters. Co-hosted by the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, and the Smart Villages Initiative, the workshop brought together two communities of researchers and practitioners focusing on energy access and natural disasters to promote active discussion around key issues …

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[:en]BR13: Smart Villages and resilience to natural disasters[:fr]BR13: Les villages intelligents et la résilience aux catastrophes naturelles[:es]BR13: Smart Villages y resiliencia a desastres naturales[:]

[:en]In smart villages, energy access together with other key components of infrastructure can accelerate the development of education and healthcare services, provision of clean water and sanitation, availability of nutritious food, and the establishment of productive enterprises. Underpinned by technological advances, such developments provide substantial improvements in well-being and life opportunities, and a choice between …

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