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[:en]BR7: Lessons learned from the Smart Villages Engagement Programme in East Africa[:es]BR7: Lecciones aprendidas del Programa de Participación en Aldeas Inteligentes en África Oriental[:fr]BR7: Les leçons retenues suite au programme de coopération sur les villages intelligents d’Afrique de l’Est[:]

[:en]This policy brief summarises the findings and recommendations arising from a 15 month programme of engagement in East Africa, commencing in June 2014, undertaken by the Smart Villages Initiative to identify the barriers to off-grid sustainable energy access for development in rural communities and to gather views on how those barriers can be overcome. It …

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[:en]BR1: Findings from the Arusha Smart Villages workshop[:es]BR1: Hallazgos del Taller sobre Aldeas Inteligentes en Arusha[:fr]BR1: Résultats de l’atelier Smart Villages à Arusha[:]

[:en]This note provides a summary of the workshop’s findings and recommendations for policy makers. A more detailed report of the workshop, together with copies of the presentations made at the workshop can be found here. Key points 1.3 billion people worldwide have no access to electricity. 3 billion people are still cooking with dangerous and inefficient stoves. Policy frameworks should support …

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