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Emal Barekzai, Zularistan – solar entrepreneur

[:en] Emal Barekzai, CEO, Zularistan Location: Kabul, Afghanistan “We worked in areas which were 100% Taliban” Emal Barekhzai came to Jalalabad in 2002. He was living in Kassel, Germany, and he found a two-month role working as an IT technician at a girl’s school there. Only 3% of girls were going to school in the …

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Vladimir Delagneau Barquero, Tecnosol – solar entrepreneur

[:en] Vladimir Delagneau Barquero, President and Managing Director, Tecnosol Location: Managua, Nicaragua “20 years ago, some Nicaraguans thought renewable energy was the work of the devil” When Vladimir Delagneau Barquero explains why he launched Tecnosol he brings the story back to an experience he had over a decade in the mid-eighties, during his military service …

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WR36: Off-grid energy for rural development in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Smart Villages Initiative organised a workshop in Panama City on 2-3 May 2017, bringingtogether significant actors in rural electrification in Latin America to discuss challenges and opportunities in rural electrification, with the aim of jointly developing recommendations to policymakers. Key topics for discussion included the role of the government versus the private sector in rural electrification, innovative options for financing such …

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Solarkiosk: Innovative “connected solar market centres” drive small businesses, solar energy

Marc Zedler, Project Manager, Connected Solar Market Centers (CSMC), Solarkiosk Location: Berlin, Germany and across Africa “Focus on a core group of entrepreneurs who engage with the community” For Marc Zedler, there is a bigger picture at Solarkiosk, a German solar company operating in multiple African countries. Having a service which provides rural communities with …

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Solar technologies offer hope in post-disaster Nepal

Interview with Avishek Malla Director of Engineering and Operations for SunFarmer Nepal, a subsidiary of SunFarmer International Location: Kathmandu, Nepal “Farmers in Nepal could never in their lives imagine having a solar-powered pump” In 2015, Nepal was hit by a series of devastating crises. One earthquake was followed by another, and the year ended with …

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Islands and energy: challenges and opportunities

In this short video, you’ll hear from experts who aim to provide rural, remote islands with energy. From Tuvalu to Indonesia to Melanesia and beyond, islands face unique energy challenges. Some of these challenges include: challenging weather and turbulent seas, relying on rainwater for fresh drinking water, and remoteness. Many islands, if they are lucky, …

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Education and entrepreneurship: How solar energy impacts Tanzanian villages

How has solar energy changed the lives of people in rural Tanzania? In this video, you’ll hear from villagers themselves – including small business owners and students. You’ll also hear from Mobisol, one of several companies active in providing solar energy to rural villages. Video by: Steve Martin Saning’o, Terrat, Tanzania

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What do Perovskites mean for the Photovoltaic Industry?

I once visited my local newspaper printing press. The machinery was immense. Two tonne rolls of paper were fed continuously into the ink rollers at fantastic speed. Conveyer belt contraptions whizzed partially folded newspapers around the factory with a frenetic industriousness. The whole apparatus would spit out 12 newspapers a second. Now imagine that it …

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