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Kopernik Indonesia – solving last mile problems

[:en] Sergina Loncle, Communications Manager, Kopernik Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia “The supply chain in Indonesia is a real challenge” On one of Indonesia’s 18,000 islands, Adonara in East Nusa Tenggara, crops such as copra – dried coconut flesh – are sold raw and unprocessed. Copra is usually left strewn on the ground, to dry in …

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Abdul-W. Raaj, Suka Energy West Africa – renewable energy entrepreneur

[:en] Abdul-W. Raaj, CEO, Suka Energy West Africa Location: Tamale, Ghana “People often ask me why we do everything – in, Africa there is no niche in solar energy” In Ghana in the eighties, around 40 schoolchildren in one class would burn kerosene lanterns, to be able to keep on studying after dark. Lanterns, some …

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TR15: Can Smart Villages help to stem biodiversity loss?

Biodiversity is important at various levels, including the economic, social and environmental. It is critically important for rural communities through the provision of ecosystem services, including energy access, a link that is often overlooked. The concept of ‘Smart Villages’ is that modern energy access in the form of sustainable renewable energy can contribute as a catalyst for development—education, health, food security, environment, productive …

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“Jikokoa”: Scaling up clean cookstoves and providing local jobs

Interview with Boston Nyer BURN General Manager, Kenya Location: Kenya “The next step is to get more sustainable fuels into people’s homes”. “The whole impetus is to save trees,” explains Boston Nyer, BURN’s general manager in Kenya. In East Africa, 60% of deforestation is driven by the need for wood and charcoal for cooking. “Our …

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Is biomass a sustainable energy solution for off-grid villages in developing countries?

Summary Much is said about moving to a biobased economy (BBE) for the production of food, feed, fuels, materials and products1 particularly in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals and delivering on the Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation, published in 2016 and 2015, respectively. The question considered here is whether the better provision of biomass …

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[:en]BR12: Sustainable dissemination of improved cookstoves: Lessons from Southeast Asia[:es]BR12: Diseminación sostenible de cocinas mejoradas: Lecciones del sudeste de Asia[:fr]BR12: Dissémination durable de fourneaux améliorés : leçons d’Asie du Sud-Est[:]

[:en]More than half of the population in Southeast Asia continues to depend primarily on biomass as fuel in inefficient cookstoves to meet their cooking needs. The majority of those using biomass are based in rural areas. In view of this high level of dependence on biomass, various countries in the region have launched improved cookstove …

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WR9: High-level workshop on off-grid village energy in East Africa

This report summarises the findings of the Smart Villages Initiative’s high-level workshop on off-grid village energy in East Africa. Co-hosted by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Rwanda, the workshop brought together 47 key stakeholders from East Africa and the United Kingdom to share the findings of the Smart Villages Initiative’s East Africa engagement, to review the …

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WR7: East African Community Leaders’ Dialogue Workshop Report

Amidst the stunning background of Terrat, a Masaai village in remote Northern Tanzania, members of the Smart Villages team spent the weekend of 22-23 August, 2015 engaged in an extremely productive dialogue event with representatives of village level energy initiatives from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda. The event was organised at a time when …

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